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Enterprise cloud solution with active geo-redundancy.

Our pricing perspective

Compliance is at the heart of every business in high consequence industries.
Health and safety, environmental, or employment breaches can risk business
reputations and cost time, money and lives.

In ever changing regulatory environments where the penalties are escalating, Crosschecker answers
the call from companies for a user-friendly solution that not only provides a complete picture of risks
inherent in their business but actually works. Plus, we wanted it to be a great value with a growing
lineup of new features, helpful on-boarding, and responsive support.

So we set our pricing at a level that means you only pay for what you use. There’s no long-term lock-in
contracts. There’s no bandwidth or transactional restrictions. There’s not any additional fees buried in
the fine print. There’s just well-priced solutions that grow with your business. Priceless.

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