Latest News : Crosschecker Winter 2018 Release

Crosschecker Winter 2018 Release

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Winter 2018

The focus for this Winter’s release of Crosschecker is aimed to improve the experience for all users and ensure the highest of quality in performance, usability, and security. Through our review of customer feedback and extensive research into user experience, we at Crosschecker have been dedicated to upgrading our solution to the highest standard of design and usability. In our previous release, we provided our customers with a precursor of this enhanced user experience through the upgraded mapping solution. The feedback, thus far, on the mapping solution upgrade has been positive so we are excited to release more of these enhancements across the entire Crosschecker solution.

Watch a quick walkthrough of the new Survey UI


Activity List

The Activity Dashboard was previously noted to become easily cluttered and hard to navigate, therefore the dashboard has been redesigned with a focus of providing the user with a clear view of their activities. Removing a lot of the previous clutter and improving the use of space on the page. Ensuring familiarity and continuity throughout the user experience of Crosschecker has been maintained with the return of three Activity list views. The Kanban board provides users with a wholistic overview of their most recently modified activities and the stage in which the activities are currently situated. With the improved Insights map, you are now able to locate your specific activity with ease and quickly determine if there are any conflicting or opportunistic activities occurring around it.


Activity Hub

With the upgraded UI comes a brand-new Activity Hub to make navigating activities easier, more efficient and less confronting for users. Users are now presented with many valuable statistics which provide insight into the progress of the activity at a glance. With this update, the Activity Hub only displays the information that is needed. This was achieved by splitting the Activity Hub into logical sections, the user can now step through their activity and manage all the important information piece by piece without becoming overwhelmed. Through reduced clutter and improving the ability to analyse and manage all facets of an Activity, the Activity Hub is now a place for efficiency, collaboration and exposing the powerful data offered by Crosschecker.

The main additions aside from improved usability and statistics include improvements to the process and analysis of surveys and collaboration. Each survey within an Activity now contains a timeline. This timeline displays information on survey responses, status changes and version updates giving the user a powerful retrospective of the survey process. Additionally, Activity notifications have been implemented. Any important events which occur in an Activity such as the addition of users, completion of surveys and major activity status changes will be timestamped and available for users when they return to the activity.



The user interface for surveys has been revamped to give more information to the user as they respond to questions. The user is now provided with live analytics about exactly what each response means for their Activity. Upon completion of a survey, the user will now be presented with an upgraded review page. This page is intended to provide users with all of the information applicable to the survey they have completed and what they can now expect to see in their Activity as a result.

Activity Admin

Managing Activity Types is now simpler than ever with a complete upgrade of the user interface. The previous sections have been kept but made cleaner and easier to manage. The new side panels and inline editing makes managing your activity types quick and easy. Statistics have been included in the details section to know how the activity type is being utilised. More information has been included to allow for better comprehension of how the configured content has been updated.

Survey Admin

The Survey Admin functionality was noted previously as clunky and slow. We have taken this feedback on board and rebuilt the survey admin UI from the ground up. This new update to the Survey Admin interface greatly enhances the user’s experience while building and managing Surveys. The new actions panel on the right side of the page allows users to quickly configure survey logic, actions and more. Along with inline editing capabilities, this provides a faster and easier experience.

Next Scheduled Release 

We are all focused now on the Spring release which is scheduled for late November. This will be a minor release with a list of features to be announced shortly.

Want a Demo? 

We would love to walk you through the latest release of Crosschecker. Feel free to email or go to our contact page for more information.