Latest News : Brisbane City Council Chooses Crosschecker

Brisbane City Council Chooses Crosschecker

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Brisbane City Council chooses Crosschecker for Managing Environmental Assessments

Crosschecker was recently selected as the premium management solution for Brisbane City Councils (BCC) Field Services Group's 'Preliminary Environmental Assessment' process.

Crosschecker provides BCC's Project Managers and Environmental Officers the ability to assess and manage projects with a low inherent level of environmental risk. The Project Manager is presented with a structured environmental assessment checklist and automated question directory. Not only does this produce a generic list of environmental risks, but the software provides links to relevant forms, policies and procedures that are related to the project being undertaken. Saving valuable time and increasing productivity and efficiency, Crosschecker then produces a risk-based Environmental Management Plan from just a simple click of a button!

Crosschecker contains a comprehensive set of environmental legislation that pertains to all local government operational works in the Brisbane LGA. Crosschecker directly integrates and provides real-time updates from the datasets of Brisbane City Councils Mapping and Queensland State Government 'myDAS2 GIS mapping services'. This ensures that the Council can demonstrate Environmental Due Diligence and provide confidence to State and Local Governments that the level of assessment conducted for the works are punctilious and thorough.

Furthermore, any assessments conducted in the Crosschecker can be used as part of community consultation activities, environmental approval applications, and tender documentation for works carried out by contractors or developers external to Council.

Crosschecker is suitable for low-risk municipal works in areas including waterways/open drains, roads/drainage networks and park/bushland areas.