compliance uncomplicated

What is Crosschecker? It’s compliance uncomplicated. Local Governments use it to avoid costly environmental breaches. Private enterprise uses it to keep their people safe. Everybody uses it to reduce running costs and make their work life simpler.


An end to oops.

Crosschecker is a cloud based solution that helps government
and private enterprise to be compliant. We reduce the
legislative risk that intermixes their daily worklife.

Crosschecker lets you know what you need to do before you do it.

It brings together legislation and corporate policies on one side with in-house business expertise and data services on the other to create a pre-activity checklist.

Job 1
Job 2
Job 3
Job 4
Job 5

Content management
made easy.

Crosschecker makes it simple to build a library of legislation, regulations, and conditions.

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Build a killer content library.

Build your own library of legislation in one place and avoid hours of internet trawling.

Editing content in easy.

Version control allows team members to update and track content anywhere, anytime.

Call off the search.

We make it a cinch to search and view content from any device.

Connecting to data is a

Connect to your line of business data to help make compliance decisions.

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Big data. No problem.

Crosschecker integrates to any of your data systems. CRM. GIS. WOM. It's all AOK.

See what you want to see..

Turn on specific data with a click of a button.

Manage your projects
in one place.

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See the big picture.

Our Kanban dashboard visualises all your projects and their progress.

The hub where it happens.

Everything you need to uncomplicate compliance.

An end to oops.

A simple checklist tells you what you need to do to be compliant.

Sound good?

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